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Mad-As-Hell-Doctors Fight for Single Payer; Poverty in US Jumps, Do You Give a Damn?; Chew Reviews “Wall St.”

The Mad As Hell Doctors rally for single payer and expose the lies of the right about opposition to “ObamaCare”; Gwendolyn Mink reports on the 4-million increase in poverty in US last year; and Gary Chew reviews “Wall Street Money Never Sleeps”. Your humble host is down with pneumonia, grateful he is not one of the 50 million without health insurance. Dr. Paul Hochfeld exposes the right wing lie about opposition to the Democrats health insurance reform–most of the 70% opposed think it did not go far enough. Marin Supervisor Susan Adams, a nursing professor, makes the case for single payer. California state senator Mark Leno talks about his ongoing legislative fight for single payer, and the prospect of support if Jerry Brown is elected governor. Will Durst delivers a few laughs. In the second segment, starting at 23:17, expert Gwendolyn Mink describes the surge in poverty during the long recession, and the failure of political leaders, especially Democrats, to fight for the poor. And at 47:44, our film reviewer Gary Chew reviews the new Oliver Stone flick, “Wall Street Money Never Sleeps”.