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Ex-Viet POW Phil Butler on “3 Lives of a Warrior”; Gary Chew Reviews “Nowhere Boy”

Dr. Phil Butler was the 7th-longest serving POW in North Viet Nam, his powerful new book is Three Lives of a Warrior; Gary Chew reviews the film about John Lennon’s early years, Nowhere Boy. Phil Butler was held at the “Hanoi Hilton” and other locations for nearly 8 years, and endured torture, interrogations and miserable conditions. You can find out more about the book and buy it here. In this first installment, we cover his first two lives, from his boyhood in Tulsa to the Naval Academy, his deployment to the war, the fateful mission where his own bombs blew his plane out of the sky, and his experiences in captivity under the brutal North Vietnamese.

Dr. Phil Butler

He talks about how his fellow prisoners developed coping mechanisms and endured incredible challenges, and his return on the first flight out of Hanoi. Part two will follow in the next podcast, as we cover his transition from angry warrior to passionate peace activist. At 1;20:47, Gary Chew reviews Nowhere Boy.