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Ex-POW Phil Butler, Part 2: McCain is “Massive Hypocrite”; replay of Life After Gitmo

Second installment of Dr. Phil Butler, former Vietnam POW and now a warrior for peace; replay of Life After Guantanamo–Another Level of Hell. Phil Butler, author of Three Lives of a Warrior talks about his transition from angry former prisoner and Navy pilot to his 30+ years as a warrior for peace. He is a leader of Veterans for Peace, and chairs the Peace Coalition of Monterey County. He talks about rebuilding his life after almost 8 years as a POW in North Viet Nam, his strong objections to the use of torture by Bush/Cheney, and–while he is not a pacifist–his opposition to the wars of imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dr. Phil Butler

He expresses admiration and disappointment with President Obama, and reaffirms his sharp criticism of former POW John McCain, “the most self-serving individual you could possibly imagine”. Since some new listeners will come to listen to the 2-part Butler interview, we replay the recent segment with “Abdul”, the former Guantanamo prisoner who has been released to one of 16 countries that are hosting the innocent men who were held without charge or trial, and tortured, by the United States.