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PBC’s California Election Picks

PBC rambles, rants and opines on the statewide candidates and ballot measures in California. Your humble host does not presume to tell you how to vote…..….but as a man with too many opinions, he shares his views on how he plans to vote, informed by his biases and longterm observation of California politics. He also discloses his work on the Senate race independent expenditure project, the GreenDog Truth Squad, linked here. The first section is on the candidates for Senate, Governor and state constitutional officers. Here is the link to the Jerry Brown ad that shows just a few similarities in the scripts used by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meg Whitman. The second section covers the 9 ballot measures, some of which are cynical and misleading. You’ll hear a drum roll at the start of each measure, so you can fast forward more easily if you wish. Comments and feedback are welcome, email: