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By Request: PBC Memo to Obama: “I’ll Stop Whining When…”

In my conversation with Lori R. Price of Citizens for Legitimate Government in Podcast 187, I promised to post the text of my recent memo to Obama from the Professional Left Coast. Here it is:

I’ll stop whining when:

–you stand up to the spooks and the generals and get our troops out of Afganistan

–you end the illegal drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen

–you restore the Fourth Amendment and end illegal surveillance in the US

–stop obstructing investigation and prosecution of Bush-era criminals

–stop using “state secrets” to block legitmate lawsuits by torture victims

–stop using “state secrets” to cover up the plan to execute al-Awlaki without charge or trial

–stop playing us for idiots, that you “fixed” health care or Wall Street regulation

–end your silence on global warming, and offer real leadership

–deliver on your campaign promise to remove roadblocks to union organizing

–appoint a real liberal to the Supreme Court, to offset the rightward tilt

–stop attacking your base for offering valid criticism of your shortcomings

-when you speak up for the poor—now 4 million more—as loud as you do the middle class

–when you denounce and end FBI and police harassment of nonviolent American activists

–you put an end to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, like you promised.

Yours in Hope and Change,