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By Request: PBC Memo to Obama: “I’ll Stop Whining When…”

In my conversation with Lori R. Price of Citizens for Legitimate Government in Podcast 187, I promised to post the text of my recent memo to Obama from the Professional Left Coast. Here it is:

I’ll stop whining when:

--you stand up to the spooks and the generals and get our troops out of Afganistan

--you end the illegal drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen

--you restore the Fourth Amendment and end illegal surveillance in the US

--stop obstructing investigation and prosecution of Bush-era criminals

--stop using “state secrets” to block legitmate lawsuits by torture victims

--stop using “state secrets” to cover up the plan to execute al-Awlaki without charge or trial

--stop playing us for idiots, that you “fixed” health care or Wall Street regulation

--end your silence on global warming, and offer real leadership

--deliver on your campaign promise to remove roadblocks to union organizing

--appoint a real liberal to the Supreme Court, to offset the rightward tilt

--stop attacking your base for offering valid criticism of your shortcomings

-when you speak up for the poor—now 4 million more—as loud as you do the middle class

--when you denounce and end FBI and police harassment of nonviolent American activists

--you put an end to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, like you promised.

Yours in Hope and Change,