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Iraq Vet Demands WikiLeaks Investigation; Marvin Kitman on Foxy News, Juan Williams and Murdoch; Durst on Corp. Cash in Elections

Iraq veteran Josh Stieber on his open letter to Congress demanding investigations into the content of the WikiLeaks release; media critic Marvin Kitman on Fox News, Juan Williams and how Murdoch could've been stopped; Will Durst on the secret campaign cash in this year's elections. Stieber served in Iraq in 2007-08 as part of the "Bush surge"; the experience shook him so much he became a conscientious objector on his return. In advance of the latest release of secret documents by WikiLeaks, he wrote an open letter to Congress, here, demanding investigations--not into the leaks--into the revelations of coverups of civilian deaths, out-of control mercenaries and the myth of the success of the surge. Kitman, who joins us at 44:25, is the former media critic at Newsday and author of The Man Who Would Not Shut Up: The Rise of Bill O'Reilly We talk about the recent controversy over Juan Williams' firing by NPR, and the history of Murdoch's rise as an American media baron, facilitated by a feckless Federal Communications Commission--based on Kitman's article in the November issue of Harper's. We also talk about the recent management changes at the Tribune Company. At 1:27:48 Will Durst pops in with a great commentary about the influx of corporate cash in campaigns this year.