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“More Partisanship, Please!!” Dems Reject Obama Tax Deal, Sanders Filibusters!!

Rev. Ray Dubuque talks about his new(est) website, MorePartisanshipPlease, as we listen to Sen. Bernie Sanders filibuster the stinky Obama-GOP tax deal, and Dubuque makes the case that “post-partisanship” is un-American–we need more open debate and less insider wheeling and dealing. PBC recaps his litany of Obama’s trail of capitulation leading up to the tax deal, and while he thinks Obama will ultimately prevail over the Dems on the Hill, it’s a chance for Obama to get the message and re-connect with his base instead of cozying up to Republicans and triangulating like Bill Clinton. Dubuque makes the critical point that there’s a difference between working class Americans and the people the Dems refer to as “middle class” and refers us to his commentaries on the subject at one of his other websites (he has more than 10). We rarely release 2 podcasts on the same day, but this one is too timely to hold it. Get active–call your Senator and Congressperson pronto!