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An Honest Look at Holbrooke; Senate Considering START Treaty; Durst’s Top 10 of ’10

Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics and Chair of Mid East Studies at University of San Francisco on Holbrooke, and Pelosi’s hawkish Mid East positions; Ira Lechner, chair of Council for a Livable World, on the START treaty; Will Durst names his Top 10 comedic stories of 2010. Zunes recaps Holbrooke’s service to US power politics in this think piece at Truthout. We talk about Holbrooke and Viet Nam, Indonesia/East Timor, Bosnia, and his recent role as special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. We also talk about this story that Zunes published last year about Nancy Pelosi’s history of support for Israel and hostility to the rights of Palestinians. Lechner is chairman of the Council for a Liveable World (website) and offers expert commentary on the Senate’s consideration of the new START treaty. We talk about the efforts of Sens. Kyl and DeMint to delay the process in an effort to kill the treaty, and the urgent issues that should compel its passage.