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Boiling Frogs: Resisting the Expanded, Intrusive Airport Security

Sibel Edmonds co-hosts this new episode in the Boiling Frogs interview series, talking with activist James Babb about scanners, body searches and the militarization of airports. Babb recounts the creation of the grassroots effort We Won’t Fly, and how he and cofounder George Donnelly, two regular dads, founded the group to oppose the full-body airport “porno”-scanners on grounds of privacy, ineffectiveness and health, and to pressure the airlines to make their maximum lobbying effort in support of customers’ rights and liberties. He discusses the ineffective and dangerous aspects of the TSA Security Theater as a top-down and lumbering bureaucracy, and the intimidation and humiliation of passengers for this false sense of security. Sibel shares her own stories of authoritarian TSA officials who say some rules are “classified” as an excuse for arbitrary treatment of passengers. Babb talks about the goal of his group, Alternatives to Flying, their next Opt Out project, and more!
James Babb is the co-founder of We Won’t Fly, an informal collaborative effort opposing the full-body airport “porno”-scanners on grounds of privacy, ineffectiveness and health. As an independent, grassroots effort, We Won’t Fly is not affiliated with any political party, corporation, politician or think tank. The group has pledged to stop flying ‘until the porno-scanners are history.’