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DADT Repeal, How Leaks Happen, Student Loan Burdens, Dr. Elmo Checks In

Rick Jacobs of Courage Campaign on repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell; journalist Robert Parry explains who leaks, and why; Alan Collinge says the amount of college loans exceeds America’s credit card debt; and Dr. Elmo checks in from New York.Your humble host is subbing for syndicated radio host Norman Goldman during the holidays. You can get more info on Norm and hear the full shows here. Jacobs is co-founder with Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films and runs the Courage Campaign, a multi-issue progressive advocacy group that has been pushing for marriage equality and repeal of DADT. Jacobs notes that we need to keep pushing for implementation of the repeal, and PBC points out the the real sexual issues in the military relate to heterosexual rape and harrassment of female soldiers. Courage is also keeping tabs on GOP congressman Darrell Issa here. Parry, in segment 2 starting at 17:17, helped exposed the Iran Contra affair with the help of leakers, and the founder of the nonprofit journalism site Consortium News, and we talk about “official” leaks, the leak that identified the CIA chief in Pakistan, and WikiLeaks. In segment 3 starting at 27:30, author Alan Collinge talks about the scandal of student loans, worsening as colleges raise tuition. Find info about his book, The Student Loan Scam and much more here. Collinge notes that student loans now exceed total credit card debt, and are hammering people who are out of work these days. We also talk about the impact of the blockage of the Omnibus spending bill on Pell Grants. And in our final segment at 38:36 the legendary Dr. Elmo joins us, shortly after taping a performance with the Roots on the Jimmy Fallon late night show. He talks about his new iPhone and iPad apps, along with his new bluegrass holiday CD. Get all the scoop at Dr. Elmo’s website. Merry Christmas to all!