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Journalist Harvey Wasserman Links Toxic Diet Soda to Gulf War Syndrome; Sgt. Geoff Millard Returns to Iraq Unarmed, Unembedded

Journalist, author and activist Harvey Wasserman returns to talk about his investigative story in the current issue of Hustler on the danger of soda pop with aspertame and possible links to Gulf War Syndrome; Sgt. Geoff Millard of Iraq Veterans Against War talks about his upcoming aid mission to Basra, military suicides and much more. Wasserman, the longtime anti-nuclear power agitator (and author of Solartopia. He and Bob Fitrakis at FreePress continue to litigate the stolen Ohio election of 2004. He is also a college instructor and historian. He reports that the artificial sweetener aspertame turns toxic when exposed to heat, and describes pallets of diet soda that were exposed to extreme heat in Kuwait during Desert Storm, a plausible link to Gulf War Syndrome. Studies showed the danger of aspertame, developed by G.D. Searle, was known to be dangerous; during the Reagan years, Don Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle and got the FDA to approve it. Wasserman also reacts to the Tucson shootings by arguing that the 2nd Amendment is a tool for reasonable gun control, not unlimited gun rights. Millard, starting at 41:00, talks about his upcoming return to Iraq, leading a humanitarian mission to Basra. He talks about the current situation in Iraq regarding health, reconstruction, politics and the promise of US withdrawal by the end of this year. He also comments on military suicides, deployment of mentally impaired soldiers, sexual trauma, and homeless vets on our streets. If you’d like to contribute to his aid mission, click here.