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David Brooks Talks About “The Social Animal” and Politics, too; PBC Details California Budget Cuts–All on the Backs of the Poor; Will Durst on the Current Political Scene


David Brooks, conservative N.Y. Times columnist, visits the secret studio on his book tour, showing a kinder, gentler side of Brooks; PBC details the truly obscene budget cuts passed in Sacramento last week; Will Durst reflects on the all-new political paradigm, Us vs. Them. Brooks’ new book, The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character and Achievement shows Brooks to be a man who can see beyond his own world view to explore a number of ideas about human development, behavior and emotions. He uses two fictional characters, Harold and Erica, to describe characteristics and attitudes that are common to us all, and intersperses an informed commentary on psychology, social norms and more. About half way through our conversation, we switch to politics and talk about PBS, Libya, Obama, Afghanistan, the PBC “Leftlon” question, huge budget cuts impacting the most vulnerable, union busting, and GOP presidential candidates for 2012. at 48:50, PBC lists the ugly budget cuts for California that passed last week, all on services to the poor and working families. At 1:06:36, Will Durst comments on the defects of both major parties and their members, in a manner calculated to offend just about everybody.