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Jason Leopold: Important New Revelations of Origins of Bush Torture Program; Will Durst on “No Fly Zones”

Investigative reporter Jason Leopold reveals how a CIA psychologist led the reverse engineering of US military training of our troops to resist torture–creating the BushCo “enhanced interrogation techniques” used at Guantanamo and elsewhere; Will Durst comments on the new “no fly zone” over Libya. Leopold co-wrote this story with Dr. Jeffrey Kaye based on highly credible information from Capt. Mike Kearns, an Air Force officer who was involved in survival training programs since the 1980’s. Kearns found handwritten notes from Dr. Bruce Jessen, that clearly indicate that Jessen’s goal was not simply interrogation, but to totally control and dominate the prisoner–possibly to flip him to becoming a double agent. Jessen’s notes and lesson plans show that the factors that might be faced by a captured American became the elements of the torture menu served at Guantanamo, and Jessen’s cold, calculating language led PBC to compare him to the Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele. While this new information is powerful and damaging, we lament the lack of interest from the corporate media, and the obvious obstruction of justice that allows Bush and Rumsfeld to admit their crimes in best selling books, with zero effort to hold them accountable in any way. At 1:07:38, Will Durst weighs in on Qadaffi and the no fly zone over Libya.