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Boiling Frogs: Turkish Exile Gulen Runs Madrasas in Asia, Charter Schools in US

Dr. Aland Mizell, a worldwide expert on Turkey and its oppressed Kurdish minority, exposes the Gulen movement.  This is the latest instalment in the Boiling Frogs interview series, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds.

Dr. Aland Mizell joins us to discuss the controversial Turkish Imam Fethullah Gulen and his rapidly expanding cult globally and here in the United States. He provides us with a rarely discussed biography of Gulen and his movement, the cult’s objective of reviving the Ottoman Empire’s glory and Gulen Missionaries expansion into Central Asia and further around the world. He talks about Imam Gulen’s charter school empire in the United States, operated under absolute secrecy, the Turkish Missionaries’ Lobbyists targeting US federal and state governments, Gulen’s CIA connections and historical joint operations, the similarities between Gülen and the Unification church- aka the Moon-cult, the oath of secrecy taken by all Gulen cult members, and more. At about 1:11:20,  in the second half of our show we are joined by Bill Thacket, a parent of one of Gulen Charter Schools’ former students.

mizell Aland Mizell earned his master’s degrees in political science and public administration and a doctorate in political science with an emphasis on politics and religion. Having lived and worked at an educational institution in Central Asia for nearly a decade he brings experiential evidence to his studies and initiatives. He reads and speaks several languages, adding to the breadth of his three-decades of research on Islam with a focus on the Gulen movement. He is the founder of Minority Care International (MCI), a nongovernmental organization with the mission of assisting deprived minorities, and serves as its president and CEO. Dr. Mizell is a frequent contributor to Kurdish Media, speaking on behalf of the Kurds, as well as presenting to the Kurdish American Youth Organization on the importance of education. For select samples of Dr. Mizell’s articles click here, here, and here.