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Jason Leopold Excloo: Abu Zubaydah “Lost an Eye”; PBC on Arnold’s Bastards; Will Durst Sez Men Are Pigs

Jason Leopold’s Truthout exclusive:  alleged “high-value” detainee Abu Zubaydah had his left eye removed shortly after he was captured in 2002–and doesn’t know why!  PBC comments that it wasn’t just the housekeeper who got screwed by Schwarzeneger, and Will Durst comments on the current sex scandals. Leopold is Deputy Managing Editor at, and once again scoops the corporate media with this enterprise story.  He explores the mystery found in the WikiLeaks files on Guantanamo prisoners: why is Abu Zubaydah, who is clearly NOT the “high-value” captive that Bush, Cheney and John Yoo said he was (see Leopold’s prior report),  pictured wearing an eye patch?  Leopold started digging:  Zubaydah’s lawyer says the prisoner has no idea when or why they removed his left eye; ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou says he “had both eyes” when he left Pakistan in a Gulf Stream jet on his way to a black site in Thailand; and a government source that refused to be identified claims only that  Zubaydah was treated for a “pre-existing condition” and “lost the eye”.  We also talk about the neocom claims that torture produced the information that led to bin Laden, and the lack of legal basis for targeted assassinations by the US.

At about 1:06:12, your humble host recaps the story of the once-secret love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger,  how this new revelation has caused his former supporters to finally see the disaster they foisted on California, and says that we are the bastards who will pay the price for the way he screwed the state.

At about 1:21:23, Will Durst weighs in on the Gropenfuhrer and the rape charges against the former IMF leader, a guy named Dominique.