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A Lawbreaker on the Supreme Court? Kevin Zeese on Clarence Thomas; Will Durst on ‘GOP Death Wish’


Attorney/activist Kevin Zeese returns to detail the 20-year failure of Justice Clarence Thomas to report his wife’s income from the Heritage Foundation and right wing lobby groups, and invites you to protest in Washington on October 6;  Will Durst says the Republicans have a death wish.Zeese is director of Its Our Economy and Velvet Revolution and is leading a campaign to expose the clear conflicts raised by the work of Justice Thomas’ wife, Virginia.  For 20 years, Thomas failed to report his wife’s income and its sources, as clearly required by law.  It also appears that she has cashed in on the 5-4 decision in Citizens United through the nonprofit Liberty Central and the for-profit Liberty Consulting. The timeline we discuss is included in this article.  At minimum, Mr. Thomas should recuse himself from many cases, including Citizens United, but he has not done so.  Zeese has filed a bar complaint in Missouri, and another complaint with the Justice Department.  We also talk about the recent election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and how election rigging and unlimited campaing funding have corrupted our process.  We touch on the new Main Street Contract from National Nurses United and the upcoming labor conference at Kent State in Ohio. Disclosure: your humble host is a paid consultant to the Nurse Talk radio show, sponsored by National Nurses United.


At 45:50, Will Durst has amusing comments on the GOP’s Death Wish.