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American Henry Norr Will Join Flotilla to Gaza; Alabama Sleaze: Bingo Trial Begins, Leura Canary “Retires”

Henry Norr, former newspaper reporter, is one of 50 Americans who will challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza in the next flotilla at the end of June;  Alabama journalist Roger Shuler returns to talk about the Bingo trial now underway, and the sudden retirement of Leura Canary, the US Attorney who led the political persecution of Gov. Don Siegelman.Norr, who was arbitrarily fired from The San Francisco Chronicle for his personal political views, is leaving soon for the Mediterranean, where he will board the US ship Audacity of Hope for the latest challenge to the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.  We talk about the contradictions in Obama’s policies, Netanyahu’s provocative recent visit to Washington and the goals of Freedom Flotilla II.  You can follow their progress and support their efforts here and here.

At about 35:55, Roger Shuler returns, the proprietor of the Legal Schnauzer blog.  He describes the latest political scandal in Alabama, a federal trial involving former GOP Gov. Bob Riley and his efforts to curtail electronic bingo in the state.  Shuler suggests it could be part of Jack Abramoff’s campaign to protect the gaming interests of his clients, the Choctaw Indians.  He also details the surprise “retirement” of Leura Canary, the US Attorney who first prosecuted Gov. Siegelman and stayed involved in his second, and successful, prosecution even after she had recused herself.  Shuler says that Canary has been under investigation for some time, and we talk about Obama’s failure to replace partisan prosecutors like Canary, whose husband is a longtime partner of Karl Rove.