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PBC on Live Radio

Your humble host will be on KGO-AM 810 over the next few days.  You can listen to the live stream or grab audio files from the archives (for one week from the broadcast date) at

Saturday July 2, 10p-1a.  We will talk with John Ringer at 10p, the guy who’s losing his job and wrote the song My Country, My Ass. At 11p, Richard Rapaport will join me to talk about Chris Hansen, who entrapped many losers on NBC’s To Catch a Predator, and just got punked himself by the National Enquirer, caught with a mistress on hidden cameras.

Sunday, July 3, 10p-1a.  At 10p, meet Julia Davis, a former Homeland Security supervisor who has felt the full effect of the post-9/11 police state.

Tuesday, July 5, 1-5am.  Gareth Porter, the journalist and historian, will join me at 4a to talk about Afghanistan.

Also on Tuesday, July 5, I will sub for Norm Goldman on his syndicated show. for streaming and free podcasts.  At 3p (PDT) we will talk with attorney Michael Deutsch of Chicago’s People’s Law Office about the raids on peace activists last year, at 4p Julia Davis will join me again, and at 5p we will get an update on the ethics violations of Justice Clarence Thomas from Kevin Zeese.

On July 7, I will be leaving for vacation.  Expect a couple of podcasts between July 6 and 15, and then we will be on hiatus until the first week of August.