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Progressive Dems in California Call for a Primary Challenge to Obama; Bob Fitrakis with New Evidence of Election Theft in 2004

Presidential campaigns, future and past.  PBC comments on the recent resolution by progressive Democrats calling for a primary challenge to Obama next year;  Dr. Bob Fitrakis presents new evidence of GOP election fraud in Ohio in 2004, which delivered a second term to Bush and Cheney.  In a rare self-referential moment, your humble host recalls that he first suggested a 2012 progressive challenge to Obama over a year ago.  In July, Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) suggested it, and on July 30, the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party adopted a resolution that politely cites 10 points of failure by Obama and calls for a primary challenge.

At about 17:50, Dr. Bob Fitrakis returns to talk about the recent release of diagrams and details of the parallel computer network based in Chattanooga, TN, that was used on election night 2004 to “back up” the system of Ohio’s Secretary of State.  Configured as a “man in the middle” by Bush family IT genius Mike Connell (who died in a mysterious plane crash), Fitrakis shows how Bush votes were added during tabulation, with many precincts reporting more votes than voters.  You can read the article by Fitrakis here in the FreePress, and click through to the diagram.  And you can hear his radio show, Fight Back, here on Wednesdays at 4pm PDT, 7pm EDT.