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Prof. Stephen Zunes On Drone Deaths, AfPak, Iraq, Syria and Much More; Email Responses to Call for a Primay Challenge to Obama

J. Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics and Chair of Middle East Studies at University of San Francisco, returns to talk about an array of foreign policy issues, starting with the false claim from Obama advisor John Brennan that there have been no civilians killed by drone strikes in the past year and the inability of the New York Times to call proven falsehoods, well, lies;  interesting array of reaction to call for Obama challenger.Zunes comments on recent events in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria and how the “Arab Spring” has produced counter-revolutionary responses from Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US.   Zunes has interesting remarks on the death of Karzai’s brother, the risk of keeping US troops in Iraq after this December, and the 5-month protest in Syria that has led to a brutal crackdown.

At 46:08, your humble host reads from a raft of emails from listeners about Obama. While Barack’s loyalists deplore any criticism of the president and consider it “Obama bashing”, it’s clear that many people who voted for Obama are deeply disappointed and equally concerned that he may lose next year.