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Henry Norr on the Thwarted Gaza Flotilla; Harvey Wasserman on NO NUKES Reunion Concert

Henry Norr tells how Greece, Israel, Turkey and the US blocked this summer’s Gaza Freedom Flotilla from sailing to Gaza; Harvey Wasserman on the NO NUKES concert and efforts to block new nuke plants in the US.Norr is a former reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle who talked with us in June just before he departed for Greece.  He gives a full account of the tactics used to prevent the flotilla, including the American boat Audacity of Hope, from leaving ports to sail to Gaza.  Greek authorities played games around paperwork and protocols, and when the US boat tried to leave for Crete it was stopped by the Greek Coast Guard.  Norr details the challenges they faced, and concerns about infiltration of their ranks by government informers. My dog Chloe makes a cameo appearance.

At 46:34, journalist, activist and historian  Wasserman returns to our show.  We talk about the August 7 benefit concert for Musicians United for Safe Energy which featured Crosby Stills & Nash, Jacksone Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Morello (!!) and Jason Mraz.  Wasserman, who arrived famished and was munching a salad during our conversation, has lots to say about Fukushima, Germany’s plan to dismantle its nuclear power plants, efforts in France, and the sad state of affairs in the US, where we do not acknowledge the risk of radiation from Japan and the Obama administration supports plans to build new nukes with massive federal loan guarantees.