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Ex-Evangelical Leader Frank Schaeffer Says Michelle Bachman Lies About “Submission” and More; Will Durst Unloads on Congress

Frank Schaeffer used to be an insider in the religious right–son of Reconstructionist preacher Francis Schaeffer, who is cited as a major influence on Michele Bachman.  He issues a powerful indictment of her fundamentalism, and starts by calling her a liar about “submission” to her husband.  Will Durst comments on the 12-member “Super Congress”.Schaeffer wrote this powerful commentary for Alternet, and has a new book out, Sex, Mom and God. He gives a detailed history of his father’s literal interpretation of the Bible, and how Bachman’s religion infuses her politics.  We talk about her husband Marcus, to whom she has pledged “graceful submission” and her connections to other evangelicals devoted to returning America to a “Christian Nation”.  Please share this interview on Facebook and to your email network–people really need to know what Bachman is up to.

At 49:35, Will Durst comments on the new “Super Congress”.