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Journalist Ralph Steiner Gives Us an In-Depth Recounting of the UFO Event at Roswell, New Mexico

Ralph Steiner is a journalist with a background in physics who has investigated the 1947 Roswell UFO event for many years.  With credit and thanks to Steiner’s archives, we include interview clips from many credible people, framed by the rich detail of Steiner’s commentary.  It’s a follow-up to our interview with Annie Jacobsen about her book Area 51 in PBC podcast 266 on 6/22/11.Steiner takes us back to July, 1947 with the original ABC Radio newsflash about the “flying saucers” that landed near Roswell–which ends, hopefully, saying “the widely publicized mystery of the flying saucers may soon be solved”.  64 years later, we are still waiting.  Steiner brings us interview clips from news broadcasts he produced for Pacifica Radio, with many credible descriptions of the materials found in the debris and the heavy-handed government clampdown on every person with knowledge of the events.  He establishes that the “weather balloon” explanation was a cover story, and presents eywitness Major Jesse Marcel, Sr. who was the first military officer at the crash site.  Steiner explicitly disagrees with Jacobsen’s report that the creatures found at the Roswell site were cloned by Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi scientist and that the crashed vehicles originated on earth–the “Stalin theory” supported by Jacobsen.  Steiner builds a strong case that the Roswell craft(s) and cargo arrived from outside our planet.