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Should Aldous Tyler Challenge Obama in Primaries? Roger Shuler Updates Alabama Bingo Trial, Examines Rick Perry’s Pay-to-Play Corruption

Aldous Tyler, the Wisconsin activist, is considering a primary challenge to Obama–woud you support it?  Roger Shuler of Alabama returns to update us on the “Bingo trial”, incoherent actions of the Holder Justice Department, and Gov. Rick Perry’s legal problems–if he were treated the way former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman was.

Tyler wants your input and feedback.  Based on recent emails from PBC listeners, you are unhappy with Obama but many don’t want to risk the 2012 election by challenging the president.  Tyler has been at the center of the struggle in Madison, and is passionate about the issues Obama has failed on.  He says it is his personal responsibility to raise the issues and fight for working families.  After you listen, please email your comments to Aldous:  TMI(at) and copy HumbleHost(at)

At 36:07 Roger Shuler, top-notch Alabama blogger, returns to report that the Bingo trial was a complete disaster for the Justice Department, yet they are planning a retrial this fall.  When coupled with the political prosecution of former Governor Siegelman, we see important issues of corruption and injustice that aren’t covered by the corporate media–while we get saturation coverage of the insignificant Casey Anthony trial.  Shuler’s post about Gov. Rick Perry is powerful–if the law that was misapplied to Siegelman were enforced on Perry, he would be convicted of corruption.  Shuler also sketches the case of an attorney in Alabama who was recently murdered, and briefly mourns the passing of former US Attorney Dunn Lampton, who prosecuted Paul Minor in Mississippi.