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Blockbuster: Brad Friedman Takes us Inside Super-Secret Koch Brothers Meeting, Exposes Gov. Christie’s Secret Koch Connections; Will Durst Recaps GOP Debate

Brad Friedman of BradBlog returns with a blockbuster: audio recordings reveal much from top-secret Koch brothers millionaire/billionaire confab held in Vail in June, breaking the news that NJ Gov. Christie snuck in and out to give keynote speech; Will Durst gives a snarky review of the GOP octet as they invoked Reagan as they ignored his invocation not to attack fellow travelers.

Our Bradness has a really hot story, which he wrote for Mother Jones.  Click here for part one, and here for part two of the story, complete with audio clips and juicy quotations.  You’ll hear from Charles Koch as he channels Saddam in his call to defeat Obama, and David Koch as he calls balloon-boy Christie “my kind of guy” and reveals their secret meeting in New York in early 2011.  You will hear how the rich are victims of Obama’s evil policies and how they plan to raise millions to install a more compliant president.  Please share this widely on Facebook, Twitter and your email list!

At 1:09, Will Durst entertains with a recap of the recent GOP presidential debate held at the Reagan Library in California.