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The CIA Would Prefer That You Not Listen to This Podcast……Boiling Frogs: Why Did CIA Keep FBI and Richard Clarke in the Dark About 9/11 Hijackers?

Despite strong efforts by the CIA, filmmakers Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy join us to discuss their extensive research, interviews and findings which have resulted in the unmasking of three former top CIA officials- George Tenet, Cofer Black and Richard Blee- and their role in withholding intelligence on two key 9/11 hijackers and subsequent cover-ups. Another Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds.  Duffy and Nowosielski provide us with a detailed account of their new interview with former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke and his allegations against the CIA officials- Tenet, Black and Blee – accusing them of knowingly withholding intelligence from the White House, the FBI, Immigration and the State and Defense Departments. They discuss two key CIA analysts who were instrumental in this cover up, a joint statement issued by the three accused CIA officials in response to Clarke’s allegations, and more! Sibel reveals that Mr. Clarke demanded $5,000 to appear with her and other whistleblowers at a Congressional hearing.  We get more details on the pre 9/11 activities of alleged hijackers, as discussed with Paul Thompson in two recent episodes.

Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy produced the film “Press for Truth,” which documented the journey of four 9/11 widows as they lobbied the Bush White House to convene an independent commission to probe the attacks. They recently launched a new transparency web site