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Legalize It? Psychiatrist/Author of “Cannabinomics” Says Tipping Point is Near; Tired of “Awesome”? Arthur Plotnik Gives 6,000 Alternates

Dr. Glenn Fichtner, author of Cannabinomics, reviews the medical uses of marijuana, the failure of the drug war, and what he calls the marijuana policy tipping point; Arthur Plotnik’s delightful book Better Than Great: A Plenitudinous Compendium of Wallopingly Fresh Superlatives prompts a fun discussion of language and vocabulary.

Dr. Fichtner has impressive credentials, including a stint as the Mental Health Director for the State of Illinois.  He offers powerful anecdotes of the medical value of cannabis, and deplores the hysteria that prevents objective scientific study of cannabis–our governemtn only supports studies premised on its status as a Schedule I drug with no medical uses.  He estimates the costs of the War on Drugs, cost of incarceration, and lost revenue to the black market.  And he believes that the American public is ready for major changes in policy. Click here for his website.

Art Plotnik is a Chicago writer and editor who has compiled a great new book of superlatives that is fun to read, and a great resource for writers and speakers who want to expand their almost-magnificent vocabularies.