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DC Protest Update: Right Wing Infiltrator Provokes Shutdown of Air & Space Museum; Radio and TV Nostalgia with Mike Miller, Gary Chew & PBC; Chew Reviews ‘The Ides of March’

Podcast 300….woo-hoo!!   PBC opens with a report on the October 8 incident at the museum, blamed on October 2011 protesters, but actually caused by a provocateur from a right wing tabloid;   Mike Miller, author of the memoir How High Can a Guy Stoop? and our film reviewer Gary Chew swap stories from their early daze in radio and TV. On October 8, hundreds of peaceful protesters from the October 2011 protest at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC marched to the Smithsonian Aira and Space Museum intending to protest the new exhibit of aerial drones.  An AP report that appeared on the New York Times website that the museum had been shut down, and one of the protesters had been pepper sprayed.  Patrick Howley, an assistant editor at The American Spectator, brags about his exploits in a confessional posted soon after he ran through the museum and provoked a guard into using pepper spray.  Video and still shots of the scene show that the protesters did not cause the disturbance.

At 11 minutes into the show, Mike Miller and Gary Chew join me.  Miller recounts his work as a radio and TV news reporter, TV news director in Tulsa and Little Rock, and later in his career a communications advisor to senators and congressmen, as well as the GOP Senate campaign arm.  Mike has some colorful stories, and your humble host reveals a few, too, including the local kid’s show host in Cincinnati who tried to lure my dad into a blackmail trap with some hookers.  Gary and Mike met as co-workers at Tulsa’s KTUL while both were working their way through college, and Mike later hired Gary as a TV weatherman (twister-predictor??) in Tulsa.  we all enjoyed this inside chat, maybe you will, too!  Order Mike’s book here.

At precisely 1:03:38, Chew solos with his review of the new Geroge Clooney movie, The Ides of March.