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Journalist Joe Lauria: Major Doubts About the Iranian-Mexican Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador to US; Filmmaker Jeff Warrick on Subliminal Suggestion

Journalist Joe Lauria talks about the bizarre, alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington, and his exclusive report for Boiling Frogs Post.  Filmmaker Jeff Warrick talks about his new documentary, Programming the Nation.

Lauria, who covers the UN for the Wall Street Journal, Times of London and other outlets, returns to talk about the unbelievable claims of the Obama team about Iranian-American Manssor Arbabsiar–a used car dealer in Texas–leading a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington.  Lauria details far-fetched aspects of the alleged plot, and notes that in at least 17 cases, a paid US informant has been a provocateur in domestic terrorism cases, including one that unfolded right outside Lauria’s home in The Bronx.   He also talks about the two wire transfers, that even an amateur would know would be reported to authorities.  And we speculate on Obama’s rush to judgment, escalating tensions with Iran when this case has not been proven.

At about 39:05, we talk with Jeff Warrick about Programming the Nation, which covers subliminal and manipulative messages in pop culture, advertising, political campaigns and government propaganda.  While Warrick has not found proof of widespread use of subliminal techniques, he exposes some cases while showing how sex and stress, among other hot buttons, are used to sell beer, cigarettes and cars.  He talks about political spots including the 2000 anti-Gore ad that had “RATS” on the screen briefly in large letters, and how the 9/11 coverup has been bought by most Americans, with an assist from the corporate media.  And we talk about the insidious secret messages that some people hear when they play some rock songs backwards. Find out more at the film’s website.