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Boiling Frogs: Nada Prouty Was Fired From CIA and Prosecuted Like a Terrorist Suspect

Former FBI-CIA Agent Nada Prouty joins us in an exclusive Boiling Frogs interview–co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds– to discuss her journey from Lebanon to the United States, her sham marriage to obtain US citizenship, what motivated her to join the FBI counterterrorism unit, and why she left the FBI to join the CIA. She provides us with details of being investigated and eventually prosecuted by the Justice Department, and the reasons she pled guilty to two felonies and a misdemeanor to the sham marriage and unauthorized use of a FBI computer.  Prouty shares with us her assessment of the FBI and the CIA, the differences between the two agencies in approaching counter-terror related operations, her take on the Agency’s scandals, from lying on Iraq WMD to documented cases of assassination-rendition- torture, and more!

ProutyNada Prouty is a former CIA case officer of Lebanese origin who was recruited in 2003 into the CIA from the FBI. In 2005 she was investigated for passing information to Hezbollah because her brother-in-law was suspected of having ties to Hezbollah. U.S. officials said that there was no evidence that Prouty had passed secrets to Hezbollah or to other groups the United States considers terrorist. However, the investigation uncovered that Prouty had committed immigration fraud in 1989 by paying a man to marry her so she could obtain United States citizenship. In 2007 she pled guilty to two felonies related to the sham marriage and to one misdemeanor count of unauthorized use of a FBI computer. Ms. Prouty pled guilty to the computer charge to end the case due to the costs of a legal defense, and was given no jail time in exchange for her plea. Her memoir Uncompromised: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of an Arab American Patriot in the CIA is scheduled to be released this November. For more information on Ms. Prouty and her book you can visit her website.