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PBC News & Comment, Monday January 9

Guantanamo's 10 ugly years.  We lead with quotes from Lakhdar Boumediene, namesake of Supreme Court ruling who spent 7 years at Gitmo, and follow with the developing story of the Bagram prison in Afghanistan.Also covered:


--US crony Pervez Musharraf plans return to Pakistan, may face trial

--US drone strikes over Pakistan to resume after 2-month halt

--State Department announces new Bureau of Counterterrorism, whose mission and necessity is unclear.  PBC asks: where are the  Republicans who oppose new bureaucracy to protect consumers

--wave is building for Obama-Clinton ticket

--Bill Daley steps down as Obama chief of staff

--Roberts Supreme Court is weak on First Amendment

--Ross Mirkarimi sworn in as new Sheriff in San Francisco, as he is being investigated for domestic violence

--PBC barraged by right wing caller