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PBC News & Comment, Monday January 9

Guantanamo’s 10 ugly years.  We lead with quotes from Lakhdar Boumediene, namesake of Supreme Court ruling who spent 7 years at Gitmo, and follow with the developing story of the Bagram prison in Afghanistan.Also covered:


–US crony Pervez Musharraf plans return to Pakistan, may face trial

–US drone strikes over Pakistan to resume after 2-month halt

–State Department announces new Bureau of Counterterrorism, whose mission and necessity is unclear.  PBC asks: where are the  Republicans who oppose new bureaucracy to protect consumers

–wave is building for Obama-Clinton ticket

–Bill Daley steps down as Obama chief of staff

–Roberts Supreme Court is weak on First Amendment

–Ross Mirkarimi sworn in as new Sheriff in San Francisco, as he is being investigated for domestic violence

–PBC barraged by right wing caller