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PBC News & Comment, Tuesday January 10

Where’s Keith?   Olbermann is off the air, again; after a dispute with management, again; but this time, he’s “management”.  Opening music: Keith Don’t Go, by Nils Lofgren.  New Hampshire primary tonight, mud wrestling of the one percenters. Also covered:

–US denies Marine in Iran is a spy, buttressing Iran’s contention as they sentence him to death

–Afghan soldier kills GI, third time in two weeks

–Max Boot says “Bomb Iran”, he’s heard no arguments against that

–FAIR gets NYT public editor to agree, The Times has not corrected false reporting about Iran’s nuclear intentions and progress toward a bomb

–AP reports health spending increase in 2010 was 50-year low, does not relate that to insurance increases and profit-taking.  Spending was down because people are deferring treatment because they’re afraid they can’t afford it

–In California, Assemblyman Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, offers bills to tighten regulation of utilities, wants to tie safety to profits

–Randall Terry acts as a (Democratic!) presidential candidate in order to run grisly anti-abortion ads during the Superbowl; pro-peace ads from groups that didn’t pretend to run for president have been repeatedly banned by the networks.