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PBC News & Comment, Friday January 13

Colbert skewers super PACs, threatens to run for President; GOP donors muzzle anti-corporate attack dogs.Also covered:

--Obama plans to merge government agencies to blunt GOP calls to shut down cabinet agencies

--Apple names its manufacturing subcontractors, mostly in China

--Britain investigates charges it caused rendition and torture of a Libyan who is now a top leader in Tripoli; we could use some investigations like that

--NYT editorials on Iran hysteria (without noting their part in it) and this week's unanimous Supreme Court ruling that lets churches violate the rights of employees

--Sebelius puts hold on health insurance rate increases, brought to you by "Obamacare"

--Fed meeting minutes from 2006 show Geithner was not concerned about the real estate bubble, but Bernanke started to worry

--Patron X is mortified as his cellphone rings during symphony concert