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PBC News & Comment Thursday, January 12

"Nobody wins a pissing contest".  Video of Marines pissing on dead enemy fighters in Afghanistan raises a stink as US resumes drone strikes in Pakistan.Also covered:

--court martial recommended for Bradley Manning

--hear Obama declare that Manning "broke the law" in noisy clip from fundraiser in San Francisco in April, 2011

--lawsuit challenges saftey of bioweapons lab in Livermore, CA

--Oakland cops disciplined for minor infractions--what about the police crimes that injured Scott Olson and Keyvan Sabeghi?

--Montana Supreme Court directly confronts US Supremes on Citizens United and corporate cash in campaigns

--cops and private corporations collect massive data on license plates and locations--big brother knows where you are

--claims of phony data in red-wine-is-good-for-you study, PBC offers to supply fresh data from his consumption of vins rouges