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PBC News & Comment Thursday, January 12

“Nobody wins a pissing contest”.  Video of Marines pissing on dead enemy fighters in Afghanistan raises a stink as US resumes drone strikes in Pakistan.Also covered:

–court martial recommended for Bradley Manning

–hear Obama declare that Manning “broke the law” in noisy clip from fundraiser in San Francisco in April, 2011

–lawsuit challenges saftey of bioweapons lab in Livermore, CA

–Oakland cops disciplined for minor infractions–what about the police crimes that injured Scott Olson and Keyvan Sabeghi?

–Montana Supreme Court directly confronts US Supremes on Citizens United and corporate cash in campaigns

–cops and private corporations collect massive data on license plates and locations–big brother knows where you are

–claims of phony data in red-wine-is-good-for-you study, PBC offers to supply fresh data from his consumption of vins rouges