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PBC News & Comment Thursday, January 19

Rick Perry, roadkill, returns to Texas as the parade of idiocy continues.  Perry and others suggest leniency–even pardons–for the Marines who shot video as the pissed on dead enemy fighters.  Also covered:

–Thomas Frank, interviewed in podcast 357, talks about his new book Pity the Billionaire

–writers for Center for American Progress smeared with charges of anti-Semitism

–bizarre twist to Pakistan infighting, as accuser is outed for doing play-by-play of nude female wrestling

–Japan considering adding 20 years to life of nuke plants

–Italian cruise ship captain says he tripped and fell into the lifeboat, was not intending to abandon ship, sounds like bologna to me

–worldwide abortion stats show 47,000 women died from abortions in 2008 and that more abortions are performed in countries that ban it

–In California, Gov. Jerry Brown displays optimism in state of state speech and backs hi-speed rail despite ballooning cost projections