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PBC News & Comment Friday, January 20

American roots music loses two giants:  Johnny Otis and Etta James.  Citizens United decision is two years old, even Republicans know it’s bad.  –corporate personhood and campaign corruption are top issues with 99% group that’s advertising on TV–check out their website and agenda here

–attorney Carl Mayer talks about the suit he filed for journalist and activist Chris Hedges against President Obama, challenging the “Homeland Battlefield Act” embedded in the National Defense Authorization Act.  Hear an excerpt here, and listen to the full interview in PBC podcast 358

–investigative reporter Jason Leopold has uncovered an FBI policy that allows them to “blackball” FOIA requests without disclosure.  Read Leopold’s exclusive story here, and listen to the full interview in PBC podcast 358

–polls show a Gingrich victory in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, despite the sordid disclosures of his ex-wife on ABC Thursday night

–Federal judge bars Vermont from closing Vermont Yankee nuke power plant, could set bad precedent

–PBC denounces a real case of anti-Semitic expression

–Bandleader and starmaker Johnny Otis dies at 90; singer Etta James, who got her break in the Otis band, dies at 73