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Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Slams New York Times for Bad Reporting on Iran; Nancy Talanian, Founder of No More Guantanamos




Ray McGovern, 27-year intelligence veteran, slams New York Times for its coverage of Iran;  Nancy Talanian, founder of No More Guantanamos, talks about Obama’s failed promise to close Gitmo.   McGovern, who has a new website, talks about his article at ConsortiumNews regarding the clear contradiction between the US/Israeli intelligence estimates about Iran’s nuclear program, and the hysterical coverage of the New York Times.  McGovern compares it to the pre-2003 coverage of Iraq and its mythical WMD.  He dismisses the meme that “we cannot allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon”, and details the Times’ faulty reporting.  He has some great stories about  a recent Times event in honor of the Pentagon Papers, and how he taught basic journalism to Anderson Cooper after his Q and A with Rumsfeld in Atlanta.  He also comments on the prosecution of former CIA officer John Kiriakou and offers strong criticism of the new NDAA, which could be used against him or your humble host.

At 45:46, Nancy Talanian joins us.  She’s the founder of No More Guantanamos, and is working to close the camp and end rendition and torture.  We talk about Obama’s failure to close Gitmo (and, as predicted, he made no mention of it in the State of the Union speech) and the general denial and passivity on the part of most Americans.  We also talk about the prison at Bagram in Afghanistan, and the call of the Karzai government to turn the prison to local control and release those who have not been charged or convicted.  We talk about the British citizen still held, Shaaker Amer and the “dryboarding” that may have caused the unexplained deaths of 3 prisoners in 2006.  Her website is here.