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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, January 25

PBC reacts to Obama’s State of Union Message, with some good ideas that are DOA and some really bad ideas (offshore drilling, cutting Medicare and Social Security) that might get passed by the GOP-controlled House.  Also covered:

–former CIA analyst Ray McGovern says his biggest disappointment with Obama is the NDAA detention rules that could entrap him or your humble host.  This is an excerpt from the in-depth interview in podcast 363

–poll in California shows strong support for taxing the rich, strong opposition to increase in the regressive sales tax

–cuts to school bus funds causing real hardship in rural California

–at San Francisco hearing, carmakers agree to EPA rules boosting mileage to 54 mpg by 2025

–San Francisco reviewing collaboration of police with FBI in counterterrorism cases, concerns about racial profiling

–S. F. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi soap opera adds new character: ex-girlfriend says he injured her, too