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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, January 31

President Obama breaks silence, talks about our drone attacks in Pakistan; top spook James Clapper says al Qaeda is compromised, but GWOT must go on.Also covered:

–Clapper says Iran has not decided to make a nuclear weapon, and is not near developing one

–compare that with the Right’s hysterical Jay Sekulow, who is certain that Iran will have not only a nuclear bomb, but nuclear missiles, within a year

–and Iran has invited UN inspectors to stay longer

–White House concerned about corrupt guards and agents on the Mexican border

–Brad Friedman of Bradblog reports the Gingrich campaign is under investigation in Virginia for submission of forged signatures, which Newt has admitted

–Brad also talks about the “voter fraud” disinformation that dead people voted in the South Carolina primary

–PBC honors Dr. Richard Olney, who just died of ALS after an 8 year battle; Dr. Olney ran the clinic at UCSF that researches “Lou Gherig’s Disease”

And Will Durst has some comments about Obama’s “non-political” State of the Union message.