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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, January 31

President Obama breaks silence, talks about our drone attacks in Pakistan; top spook James Clapper says al Qaeda is compromised, but GWOT must go on.Also covered:

--Clapper says Iran has not decided to make a nuclear weapon, and is not near developing one

--compare that with the Right's hysterical Jay Sekulow, who is certain that Iran will have not only a nuclear bomb, but nuclear missiles, within a year

--and Iran has invited UN inspectors to stay longer

--White House concerned about corrupt guards and agents on the Mexican border

--Brad Friedman of Bradblog reports the Gingrich campaign is under investigation in Virginia for submission of forged signatures, which Newt has admitted

--Brad also talks about the "voter fraud" disinformation that dead people voted in the South Carolina primary

--PBC honors Dr. Richard Olney, who just died of ALS after an 8 year battle; Dr. Olney ran the clinic at UCSF that researches "Lou Gherig's Disease"

And Will Durst has some comments about Obama's "non-political" State of the Union message.