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Komen Foundation Joins Right Wing Assault on Planned Parenthood; Author Richard Forer, Former Zionist, Speaks Truth About Israel




Heather Estes, CEO of Planned Parenthood Shasta/Pacific, talks about Komen Foundation’s move to cut off grant money; Richard Forer, an American Jew, talks about Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion.  Susan G. Komen Foundation announces cutoff of $700,000 annual grant to Planned Parenthood, which PBC sees as part of an orchestrated assault on abortion rights , contraception and other women’s health services.  Estes comments on the news, as some local Komen affiliates say they will continue to partner with Planned Parenthood and many Komen donors say they will donate to Planned Parenthood instead.  We talk about Indiana, which has cut off all funding to Planned Parenthood, including birth control, STD prevention and cancer screening–the Right is punishing all women as it uses underhanded tactics to try to ban abortion.  As Estes points out, only 2% of Planned Parenthood’s work is abortion-related.

At 20:20, Forer joins us to talk about Israel, Palestine, and US policy.  He was an AIPAC member and staunch supporter of Israel who re-thought after the Israeli assault on Lebanon in 2006 and the attack on Gaza in 2008.  Forer clearly loves Israel, and is pained by its hard-line policies toward the Palestinians.  He is trying to open the minds of other Jews, but notes how implacable many are–and quick to label critics of Israel’s policies as anti-Semitic.  We talk about a range of issues, like settlements and the Gaza blockade, and the recent claim by Israel that all settlements are off the negotiating table.