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Barry C. Lynn of Harper’s on the New Monopolies; Prof. Elaine Hagopian on the Syrian Civil War




Barry C. Lynn of New America Foundation talks about his cover story in February Harper’s; Prof. Hagopian offers detailed hystory of Syria and her views on the civil war.  Lynn’s article is Killing the Competition: How the New Monopolies Are Destroying Open Markets.  From Silicon Valley to West Virginia poultry farmers to micro-brewers, Lynn sees the impact of consolidation–monopolies that dominate workers and consumers in ways that exceed the level of control the “robber barons” had a century ago.

At 35:30, Hagopian talks about the recent history of Syria, its strategic value, and how the US isolated Syria during the Bush years, while it served as a torture destination for rendition victims.  She talks about the different religious factions, and how they interact in the current challenge to the Bashir Assad government.  We also talk about US policy, and how the humanitarian hawks in the Obama administration called for intervention in Lybia, but not Syria.  Lots of helpful background information and analysis you won’t find in the corporate media, or FCM (Fawning Corporate Media), as Ray McGovern calls it.