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PBC News & Comment Friday, February 3

Mitt Romney sings to the poor: Don't Worry, Be Happy!  Romney steps into political trap on Afghanistan, defending Obama's war.  Also covered:

--Panetta's prediction that combat troops will leave Afghanistan next year riles NATO allies and Kabul, but creates the cynical trap for Romney and GOP

--new US war front:  The Phillippines!

--Senate bans insider trading, SEC's lax enforcement continues

--Barry C. Lynn comments on American monopolies, excerpt from full interview in podcast 374

--AG Holder is grilled on "Fast and Furious" which was bungled by team Obama and is now being exploited by Rep. Darrell Issa

--Senate approves new Iran sanctions, Israeli leaks intel on Iran missiles to fear up Americans

--Rosanne Barr seeks Green Party nod for President

--Apple bans "Phone Story" app that satirizes smart phone materials and sweatshop production

--Komen Foundation gives empty apology to Planned Parenthood