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PBC News & Comment Friday, February 3

Mitt Romney sings to the poor: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!  Romney steps into political trap on Afghanistan, defending Obama’s war.  Also covered:

–Panetta’s prediction that combat troops will leave Afghanistan next year riles NATO allies and Kabul, but creates the cynical trap for Romney and GOP

–new US war front:  The Phillippines!

–Senate bans insider trading, SEC’s lax enforcement continues

–Barry C. Lynn comments on American monopolies, excerpt from full interview in podcast 374

–AG Holder is grilled on “Fast and Furious” which was bungled by team Obama and is now being exploited by Rep. Darrell Issa

–Senate approves new Iran sanctions, Israeli leaks intel on Iran missiles to fear up Americans

–Rosanne Barr seeks Green Party nod for President

–Apple bans “Phone Story” app that satirizes smart phone materials and sweatshop production

–Komen Foundation gives empty apology to Planned Parenthood