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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, February 7

Appeals Court agrees that California Prop. 8 is unconstitutional!  Komen Foundation throws Karen Handel under the bus--will Nancy Brinker stay on?  --survey shows small business owners, by large margins, want corporations and rich people to pay their fair share in taxes

--Michigan's Pete Hoekstra continues racist attacks on Sen. Stabenow over her votes on tax and spending bills

--World Nut Daily (right wing news site) stokes anti-Iran hysteria, while ex-CIA officer Paul Pillar criticizes Obama for equating US and Israeli interests

--attorney Bill Veale on his 9/11 lawsuit against Cheney, Rumsfled etal in an excerpt from podcast 378

--last British vet of WW1 dies; we can expect to care for our Iraq war vets for another 84 years