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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, February 7

Appeals Court agrees that California Prop. 8 is unconstitutional!  Komen Foundation throws Karen Handel under the bus–will Nancy Brinker stay on?  –survey shows small business owners, by large margins, want corporations and rich people to pay their fair share in taxes

–Michigan’s Pete Hoekstra continues racist attacks on Sen. Stabenow over her votes on tax and spending bills

–World Nut Daily (right wing news site) stokes anti-Iran hysteria, while ex-CIA officer Paul Pillar criticizes Obama for equating US and Israeli interests

–attorney Bill Veale on his 9/11 lawsuit against Cheney, Rumsfled etal in an excerpt from podcast 378

–last British vet of WW1 dies; we can expect to care for our Iraq war vets for another 84 years