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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, February 8

Cry-baby John Boehner launches war on contraception as his pals deplore Court of Appeal decision striking Prop. 8 ban on marriage equality and Santorum sweeps 3 caucuses.  Also covered:

–Obama, who was against Citizens United, embraces his Super PAC; PBC says it’s hypocritical but understandable

–Obama campaign returns $200,000 in tainted contributions

–Lt. Col. Daniel Davis publishes scathing account of his 2011 tour of Afghanistant

–Stanford Journalism Professor Joel Brinkley describes high levels of drug use by Afghan soldiers and police in this excerpt from tomorrow’s interview podcast

–for 50 years now, US policy to isolate Cuba has kept the Castros in power

–another hysterical rationalization for an Israeli assault on Iran

–in California, Gov. Brown released 82% of life prisoners approved by the parole board last year, a vast improvement

–Merl in Michigan sent me Detroit News report on the effort to privatize prisons in the Great Lakes state

–yesterday was Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday–he could have been chronicling our current era

–listener Hamish in Australia’s Blue Mountains shattered my illusions of former Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett