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PBC News & Comment Friday, February 10

Obama caves to religious extremists on birth control coverage; the bank settlement is a little better than I initially thought, but does not fix the underlying problems.  Also covered:

–Senate OK’s drone flights in US airspace

–Greeks react to austerity with 2-day strike; bankers force Greece to privatize all public assets: disaster capitalism at its worst

–details on NRC approval of 2 new nuke plants in Georgia–taxpayers have greater risk than the utility that will profit

–Pentagon reviews rules for women in combat, but rape in the military is the most pressing issue facing women who serve

–Spanish judge who was international conscience on human rights is thrown off the bench by Spain’s Supreme Court

–Palestinian hunger strike could lead to attacks on Israel

–ending on a lighter note, the Onion reports that Iran is concerned about the US devleoping its 8,500th nuclear weapon