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PBC News & Comment Thursday, February 9

Poll shows liberal Dems support keeping Gitmo open, and drone strikes, even on American citizens!  State Dept. insider Peter van Buren blows the whistle on retaliation for telling the truth.   Also covered:

–Obama approves amnesty for banks on foreclosure violations, while ignoring the bigger crimes that led to the meltdown

–Greeks get hosed again, 22% pay cut across the board, as Shock Doctrine is applied again

–NRC approves construction permits for 2 new nuke power plants in Georgia, with liabilities held by taxpayers, not Wall St.

–No Fly List doubled last year to 21,000 names; Stanford grad student gets $225 k settlement for wrongly being listed

–stock analysts criticize Facebook’s “dictatorial” managment structure and pension fund urges more diverse board, adding women and outside directors

–FBI releases file on Steve Jobs, noting past drug use and that he would “twist reality” to get his way