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PBC News & Comment Thursday, February 23

Obama apologizes to Afghans for Koran burning, turning a Romney lie into reality: comments on the CNN/WWF "debate" in Arizona.  Also covered:

--polls show Santorum gaining in California, where the June primary will be unexpectedly relevant for GOP

--PBC notes that at this time in 2008, the sliming of Obama with Rev. Jeremiah Wright had not yet gone mainstream

--religious hysteria continues, with Indiana state legislator's attack on the Girl Scouts, who now need to prove that they don't promote gays and abortion

--Washington state court allows pharmacists to decline to sell Plan B pill for religious reasons; if Christian Scientists take charge, will all health care be banned?

--two updates on Guantanamo, one worse than the other

--keep an eye Husein Haqqani, the former Pakstani ambassador to DC and a past guest on the PBC show