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PBC News & Comment Thursday, February 23

Obama apologizes to Afghans for Koran burning, turning a Romney lie into reality: comments on the CNN/WWF “debate” in Arizona.  Also covered:

–polls show Santorum gaining in California, where the June primary will be unexpectedly relevant for GOP

–PBC notes that at this time in 2008, the sliming of Obama with Rev. Jeremiah Wright had not yet gone mainstream

–religious hysteria continues, with Indiana state legislator’s attack on the Girl Scouts, who now need to prove that they don’t promote gays and abortion

–Washington state court allows pharmacists to decline to sell Plan B pill for religious reasons; if Christian Scientists take charge, will all health care be banned?

–two updates on Guantanamo, one worse than the other

–keep an eye Husein Haqqani, the former Pakstani ambassador to DC and a past guest on the PBC show