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Roger Shuler’s Personal 12-year Battle Against Injustice and Sleaze in Alabama




Roger Shuler is a longtime contributor here, mainly covering the political persecution of Gov. Don Siegelman.  After a brief update on Siegelman, we delve into Shuler’s own ordeal, costing him and his wife their jobs, detailed at his blog. Will Durst on Rick Santorum.Your humble host has been talking with Shuler for years, but never learned about the events that originally caused him to start the Legal Schnauzer blog.  His 12-year ordeal is detailed in this post, resulting from a spat with a nasty neighbor who retaliated with a well-connected lawyer named Bill Swatek, who won a judgment against the Shulers.  After Shuler reported on the Siegelman case on his blog, he was fired from a 20-year career position at University of Alabama, his wife lost her job in a set-up, and the judgment was revived in an effort to take away the Shuler’s home.  It’s a series of abuses administered through the legal system, and Swatek’s son Dax had direct connections to  Karl Rove’s cronies in Alabama who directed the Siegelman prosecutions.  My admiration for Shuler has only increased as we learn the Rest of the Story (trademark, Paul Harvey).

At 43:10,  Will Durst unloads on Rick Santorum.