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PBC News & Comment Friday, February 24

++next report 2/29++ Obama negotiates with himself on corporate tax cuts; Syria conflict reaches 1-year mark, full story yet to be revealed.  Also covered:

–Afghan soldier kills US/NATO soldier #70, it would be called “fratricide” if they were our allies

–Women protesting at Virginia Capitol succeed in blocking 2 ugly anti-abortion laws, for now

–former Sen. Russ Feingold is co-chair of Obama campaign, and criticizes the campaign for its embrace of SuperPACs

–N Y Times editorial says 2 dozen rich f**kers are contributing most of the GOP SuperPAC money

–Gingrich warned again about personal use of campaign funds

–Florida car dealer/congressman Vern Buchanan, the Republican who took his seat in a fraudulent 2006 election, which we covered at the time

–the uber-lib 9th Circuit Appeals Court here in Ess Eff approves an initiative that requires DNA collection from all persons charged with a felony

–the full panel of the same court dodged the question of the Armenian genocide and threw out a California law to allow Armenians to collect damages

–Google announces new option to disable tracking in its Chrome browser…yowzah!

–Lesbian judge in Texas (that’s notable enough) refuses to marry straight couple until Texas permits marriage equality