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PBC News & Comment Friday, February 24

++next report 2/29++ Obama negotiates with himself on corporate tax cuts; Syria conflict reaches 1-year mark, full story yet to be revealed.  Also covered:

--Afghan soldier kills US/NATO soldier #70, it would be called "fratricide" if they were our allies

--Women protesting at Virginia Capitol succeed in blocking 2 ugly anti-abortion laws, for now

--former Sen. Russ Feingold is co-chair of Obama campaign, and criticizes the campaign for its embrace of SuperPACs

--N Y Times editorial says 2 dozen rich f**kers are contributing most of the GOP SuperPAC money

--Gingrich warned again about personal use of campaign funds

--Florida car dealer/congressman Vern Buchanan, the Republican who took his seat in a fraudulent 2006 election, which we covered at the time

--the uber-lib 9th Circuit Appeals Court here in Ess Eff approves an initiative that requires DNA collection from all persons charged with a felony

--the full panel of the same court dodged the question of the Armenian genocide and threw out a California law to allow Armenians to collect damages

--Google announces new option to disable tracking in its Chrome browser...yowzah!

--Lesbian judge in Texas (that's notable enough) refuses to marry straight couple until Texas permits marriage equality