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Brad Friedman Helps Us “De-Sanitize” Obituaries of Andrew Breitbart; Meet the Talented Political Cartoonist Paul Jamiol

Brad Friedman, who has fought to correct lies and deception propagated by the recently-departed Andrew Breitbart, suits up for another round; a chat with political cartoonist Paul Jamiol.  Read Friedman’s coverage at Bradblog, with links to his past reports that used facts to deflate the big lies promoted by Breitbart, who died on Thursday.  Since Breitbart routinely disrespected people like Ted Kennedy right after he died, we show no restraint in commenting on the real Breitbart and the victims of his political hatchet jobs, including ACORN and its clients, Shirley Sherrod, and most recently, Occupy protesters.  We quote the NY Times obit, and Brad points out their continuing inacuracies and pro-Breitbart spin.  We also quote some pithy remarks from Prof. Juan Cole of the University of Michigan, and talk about Breitbart fans who think he was “eliminated” because he was about to release videos purported to depict Obama in college.

At 42:22, Jamiol joins us with his delightful Boston accent to talk about his new book of cartoons that reflect just how much the Obama administration looks like the third Bush term.  His cartoons are quite compelling–colorful and powerful–and you can see some examples of his work and order the book here. He also drew the graphics that adorn Boiling Frogs Post.